Sunday, November 13, 2011

Schezuan Sauce

My Uncle, MJ loves spicy stuff bordering on fiery. There are a few things he likes to be made at home, one of it is this Schezuan Sauce. So my Aunt, Aruna Kaki makes it in large batches. Everyone on both sides of her family love to get their share from her. I never get mine unless I stay with her because I do road trips to Mumbai and nothing stays good in a 15hrs drive between the two cities, the heat on the road is just too much. Once when I was with her she assigned me the task of peeling a 4 inch basket of garlic. Once upon a time I hated doing it but that day I obliged and was keen to learn this recipe from her. This recipe is a small quantity I made to use a couple of times.


2 medium bulbs of garlic
3 teaspoon Kashmiri Chili powder
1/4 cup of vinegar
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
3 tablespoons sesame oil or mustard oil

First skin the garlic, collect the cloves in the chutney grinder jar. Add the Kashmiri Chili powder, vinegar, sugar and salt. Grind to a smooth paste.

Heat the oil in a tadka spoon to smokiness. Add the sesame seeds to it and put off the heat. Quickly pour it over the ground paste and mix well. 

I got about 5 tablespoons of sauce, of which 3 went into the  Schezuan Fried Rice and 2 are frozen for use later. For dips thin it with more oil or vinegar or water.

There you go! Your Schezuan Sauce is ready. Use it for the Schezuan Fried Rice or as a dip with starters.


  1. delicious and yummy sauce.
    indu srinivasan

  2. hey Anjali, when you posted this pic first time, i somehow thought you are using rehydrated kashmiri chillis. Am sure this must a real winner

  3. Wah awesome!! Will try it soon :)

  4. Vinaya yes I use whole Kashmiri chili when its available in the pantry but this time I used the powder. It does not really make a difference in taste except in the texture.


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