Saturday, July 14, 2012

Roly Poly

I was experimenting with a new recipe. The cake turned out good but when I tried to do the frosting it crumbled into a hopeless mess. A mess however can be delicious, would you believe if you saw the above picture? Or if you have eaten the famed Apple cake balls sold in the Bangalore Iyengar style bakeries. Those Apple cake balls are chocolate cake crumbs sprinkled with sugar syrup and dusted with grated coconut. The first time I tasted them I did not exactly adore them but I guess many who have grown up in Blr. love them.

So here was a mess of some yellow cake and chocolate butter cream, any one with Indian sensibilities would refuse to show the dustbin to food. I just followed my instinct, put every thing on the counter, the cake crumbs and the chocolate butter cream. Mixed well and made these delicious Roly Polys. I had just toasted peanuts and had crushed them for a breakfast of Sabudana khichadi, Dad suggested I snowball the Roly Polys in them. So you see how they gathered some peanut dust.

Then all I had to do was place those 35 pieces in a tray on the table and Lo! they were gone by evening.

Do you think you need a recipe? Nah! come on.


  1. i would have done the same Anjali. these look delish!

  2. Well done,beautifully done, those roly polys looks more attractive.

  3. Cake pops is something very similar to this. I guess it must have been invented this way :)

  4. Nice to have a crowd to feed 35 pieces in a day! The picture looks gorgeous.

  5. I love it when accidents turn out better than the original. These are cake pops and look mouth watering! What a fantastic idea ! The photo is amazing!

  6. Replies
    1. Just take any cake and mix with chocolate sauce and form balls. then dredge them in a nut powder.


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