Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tricolored Peppers N Paneer Pizza

This was a quick dinner one cold night in Blr in the winter season. I had tricolored bell peppers and a "pizza must be made" urge. No cheese except fresh paneer was in the fridge. Yet when you crave for some pizza who can stop you.

I use Jamie Oliver's recipe to make pizza dough. Those were made ready first and then topped with red chili sauce and then tomato ketchup. 

In a big bowl crumble very fresh paneer, mix in the rough chopped onions, cubed tomatoes, diced red, yellow and green bell peppers that were deseeded.
Finally on top the pizza bases with the mixed vegetables and paneer. I used the microwave+grill mode to bake the pizzas. It took 20 mins.

It was such a colorful meal, if there were kids around I am sure they would have been thrilled. They tasted like Paneer tikka and veggie skewer on pizza base. Yummy.


  1. Yummy and irresistible pizza.

  2. This is like having the best of two worlds - one of my all-time favourites the "Vegetable Shashlik" and the Pizza! As you said, the Paneer Tikka and the Veggie skewer...

    1. When are we doing Kobe's together? And it will be the original location, now that you mentioned ve shashlik! Come soon.


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