Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lost My Heart To The Stolen Coffee Room

As we stepped out of Bangali Mashi's Kitchen after the bloggers lunch meet on that Saturday afternoon in April, none of us wanted to part immediately. We had broken into fits of laughter and had gone gaga over a picket fence that was in front of a closed shop. When suddenly we spotted this blue facade and went Wow! in unison. We did not know what to expect, curiously we read out the signage, The Stolen Coffee Room and yet again we went on in a muffled chorus, hmmm interesting!

All of us Saee, P and Harini were drawn to it like a magnet and did it amaze us, to find such a charming coffee place in the most unexpected of locations. Ever since I have been wanting to take my friend Kiran there. She loves bazaars, Indian Bazaars and you must check out these interviews she has done in Mumbai's Chor Bazaar and the Bollywood posters that are now considered valued art.

Well I haven't digressed, guess what's the connection? Go over to Kiran's to read about an architect's view on this coffee shop that stole my heart.

I will move on to tell you about their menu instead. The coffee menu is elaborate but the accompaniments are few. Anyways it did not bother us, we  had gone there filled to the brim post lunch at BMK both the times, with the blogger buddies and on this day again. Frankly that makes it a perfect location, eat a Indian meal at BMK and enjoy a relaxed coffee after it at a very Amsterdamish cafe, all in a day. Ain't that reflective of how the Indians in Metros live? Traveling around the world and coming back to India and home and then wanting the world on their platter.

What did we order? It is still hot in Mumbai so an Iced Hazelnut mocha latte for me and Kiran wanted the same thing hot so she went for the Hazelnut latte. I liked hers more, it was indeed refreshing and the temperature right. Through layers of creamy froth the coffee smoothens your nerves as it surprises your palate.

The last time I was there with the blogger buddies I had a Lite Cafe Latte which was quite good, but not really light, it was quite creamy. Harini had a shot of Espresso, and she was kicked about it, while P and Saee had Cappuccino one lite and the other full cream. Saee did mention the full cream made the coffee to cool over time. So when my friend had left her cup half drunk while she busily clicked pictures of the decor, you see she was as smitten as the 4 pioneers, by this coffee shop; we requested for a reheat in the microwave and the staff obliged.

As we not so greedily but out of curiosity checked out the eats and treats we saw, apple pie, blueberry cheesecake in a cup, and some other pastries. I am yet to try any. I asked the staff if they were made inhouse and the answer from accross the counter came "sourced from vendor".

Well this place is about ambiance really, old antique furniture an eclectic collection at that. Old advertisement adorned the wall. The center of attraction is this garage like lighting that highlights the coffee maker at work.

Those bottles of Monin syrup next to a Ganapati idol makes everyone smile.

For the book lovers there is a bookshelf.
Would you find your favorite book there every time you visit?
Would you visit everyday to read the book as you sip your favorite cuppa?

The old world charm in the cafe and a relaxed unhurried pace that Seawoods, Nerul allows you is priceless.

Picture credits(all the inside views): Indian Bazaars


  1. Hi Anjali,
    This looks like a lovely place! Next time I am in Mumbai, would love to visit!

  2. Hi Asmita, like I said You get 2 in a trip experience. Plus the drive down Navi Mumbai's Palm beach road with dense mangroves all along 10 Kms.


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