Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wonder and Wander

Looking up at the sky the young lady wondered. Then pointing up she said, "Maa, that must be my father". Her mother a pretty women by all standards, held her to her bosom and planted a light kiss on the young woman's cheek.

Less said the better thought the older woman. She let her daughter dream. Holding the secret tight in her tummy, she went into the past. A past so colorful, the images of her dancing with the young soldier. He had just graduated. She did not recollect where she met him. He came from a very humble background and she from the middle class, yet both aspired for a good life, the life of the defence people.

It was a happy marriage most of the time. The initial years just flew as they traveled the world. Then came the daughter, the one constant happiness in her life. While the father loved the child and doted on her, she noticed the differences crop up between the couple. He tried to escape all issues by living far away and the reason being the nature of his work. He convinced the wife and the child they did not have to be living together to have a happy life. He made wandering a habit and "Wonder and Wander" his motto.

That became a norm in their life. The woman, beautiful and desirable even as she crossed 40 was now left wanting. While she was provided everything there was no love in the relationship anymore. After years of being a housewife and now even the child had grown, she wanted to work. She had never done it before.

It was a new arena, she felt confident about herself and the choices it threw at her. Working for a brand in intimate wear, got her in touch with the movers and shakers of the world. Somewhere she met the owner of the company and as they discussed the products, there were sparks flying between them. One thing led to another. She wandered.

The man of the house got the whiff. Wandering and wondering now touched his emotional and family life. The wanderer, he had no friends. Seeking friends on the net became a habit. It did not take much to loose control. Wondering how he had reached there.

Towards the end of his life, there was no home, no family just three wanderers, wondering what happened to their life. They travelled and came back just once in a while to take family pictures to show to the world, what a happy family they were. Life for them was likes and wows in the comments on Facebook.

He wandered the earth and now his soul wanders the universe, thought she. The daughter completely blissful in the ignorance. Will she be able to curb her own wandering?

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