Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Now Posh Jhama Sweets, Chembur Camp

In the last two years I had not been to Jhama at their flagship store in Chembur Camp though I would buy treats at the Nerul outlet. So when I did go there last week, I was in for a surprise. The sweet shop was more spacious, organized and the facade was so clean and welcoming. The yellow headboard with red lettering was replaced by a touch of royal signage. They have been around 66 yrs!

I have lived in Chembur for 12 years of my life and as a college going kid would pass by Jhama on the way back home. I had to sometimes take a different bus from Chembur camp to Tata power colony but the incentive was to be able to snack at Jhama. Buying samosas and sometimes hot Jalebis for family was a regular thing.

Sometimes my friend Preeti would coax me to eat pani puri there. Proof is to see women still lined up there waiting for their turn to eat just like yore.

They have a great range of mithais and farsans. Their sticky karachi halwa, the Sindhi specials sev barfi, tosha, badusha etc are to die for. The gulabjamuns are a class apart. In the past they would have a little pista hidden in the middle. Now that's lost with time. The Kaju katli and Kaju kesar katli has no match in entire Mumbai. When Dad bought sweets from Jhama it would be always in 2 kgs packs for our 18 member joint family. Then Mothe baba would sit down to distribute the sweets to everyone. The pink rose barfi was always moist and smelt divine.

Jalebis nice and thick frying on slow simmer.

My quarter of Jalebi being packed

Ignore those nameplates on the top. Look into the bain maries. Spot the samosa and dal pattices. See limited nos. So rush early to get your stash. They start frying at 5pm.

The Samosas are khasta and filled plump and very addictive. The Dal pattice wins the heart and bingo that is the shape it is made in. What I missed is the chhole they used to give with the samosas and pattice, they have stopped it now but give loads of chutney both green and sweet tamarind. 

Who has the patience to stop and click a photo when you lay hands on Jhama treats after a long time. The husband is glad I introduced him to Jhama as soon as we met. This day he taunted, "Diwali has just gone by no?"

Shut up and eat. My head is down over my plate I need to finish the last morsel and then devour the gulab jamuns.

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