Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vasanu : A Parsi Winter Fudge

We have these tiny saucers which are perfect to portion out Vasanu for a daily dose as long as the cool weather lasts.

My husband, AC is a true blue Parsi and on arrival of Nov which heralds the winter season he starts searching the cupboards for THE LIST and reciepts. The reciepts are from Motilal Masalawala the iconic specialist for ingredients shopping for Vasanu.

The orders are placed for the huge list of ingredients. Discussion are made on the phone with AD a chuddy buddy. It is a yearly ritual that these two Parsi boys have followed for more than 30yrs. They get together to make Vasanu.

Toasting all the ingredients in Chokhu or Shudh ghee  

Vasanu is a fudge made with this humongous list of ingredients. It is based on the principles of Unani and Ayurved. The ingredients that go into it are some warming spices, energy giving nuts and ghee. Our version of Vasanu is made from pure ghee no compromise on that and is rich in proportions of nuts. We like to slice dates into it to give a slight bite. The dominant taste of sonth or dry ginger is so pleasing to the winter affected throat while the slight crunch comes from fried goondar or edible gum.

Making the Chaasni or sugar syrup

Check check, yes its solidifying and setting. I want it scoopable says one, the other wants it cuttable. We stop at scoopable.

It was such fun to watch my husband being so enthusiastic about making Vasanu, for he is someone who does not even know how to boil an egg. On the actual day it was simply adorable to watch both AC and AD bustling around. The banter between them was hilarious and they behaved like school boys kicking each other in jest.

Finally dividing it between the two.

This year AC and me are planning to share with all who want. It tastes better when made in large quantities. So here's presenting Cooper's Vasanu. Tadah!


  1. Lovely piece. Sounds like they had a lot of fun making it.

    1. I just published all the pending comments today. Thanks.


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