Sunday, May 17, 2020

Our Stupid Reactions

After a very long time I found a good teacher and nurturer. Go straight to 12:33 then go and watch all over again.

When I started watching Our Stupid Reactions prima facia thought yeah yet another set of Americans doing reactions. Slowly I appreciated their insights. Especially Rick, he is so articulate. A teacher to the core. Then on many requests he started this series on 'Artistic Expression Vs Fine artistry'. A blessing for those of us who did not study Humanities. 

OSR is built up by the Stupid babies across India and the globe. Just the kind of art and artistry shared on this channel has opened our eyes to different corners of India that we were not aware about living in our bubble life. 

Rick and Korbin are so open to learning about India. They are in love with India. Rick found Indrani thru OSR and Korbin, what can we say about him, from not mentioning his wife on the channel to introducing Stefanie and his baby Leeland to The stupid family has been a journey of joy. Imagine he has learnt to eat with his hand that from detesting touching food. He is cooking Indian food in his kitchen. Yeah he has lots of us telling him the recipes are not all that authentic.

Such a lovely bond we have with both the Segall and Miles families.

This is a gratitude post. Keep entertaining us and teaching us in the process 🙏🏽

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