Sunday, May 24, 2020

Aamba Barfi | Mango Fudge

When it is Hapoos season we are on a cooking baking high with the king of mangoes. Making Aamba barfi at home is so easy and you can control the sugar in it too unlike store bought ones which are extremely sweet and does not consider diabetics at all.

There are several Aamba barfi recipes that use milk powder and taste like dough but try this real burfi with Khava / Mawa and you won't like the milk powder vadis of the world. This Barfi is soft like Kalakand and delicate to taste.

For a short recipe like this lets not waste time, lets get going...


200 gms unsweetened khava / Mawa
1/4 cup of sugar
pulp of 1 Hapoos / Mango
1 handful of pistachios
6 cardamom pods
1 spoon of toop/ ghee

Collect all the ingredients on the counter. Crumble Khava and keep it ready. Mine was very moist so crumbled easily. If you have hardened khava pound it with a pestle.

Sliver the pistachios and keep aside. Peel the cardamom pods and pound the seeds to coarseness. Keep ready.

Pulp one Hapoos mango and keep aside, It should yield about 1/2 cup mango pulp. You can use any other mango which is fully ripe if you don't have access to hapoos. Hapoos has excellent color, flavor and fragrance hence it is the best. Remember whichever mango you use that will impart its characteristics to the Barfi like mentioned before.

Heat up a small fry pan and add 1 spoon of toop/ ghee. Melt it and then add khava to it. Fry till it becomes lump free. Khava is unsweetened but Mawa is sometimes sweetened so check it and then adjust sugar accordingly.

Now save little pistas for sprinkling on top. Rest major part add to the lump free khava. Mix to distribute evenly.

In a kadhai add the mango pulp and sugar and reduce it to compote thickness. The more you thicken it your effort for reducing along with khava is lessened.

Add the khava and reduce till the mass leaves the sides of the kadhai. Add the coarse cardamom powder and mix well. For this quantity it took me good 15-20 mins. Watch and listen to the sound in the video that tells you that the mix is ready to be removed from heat. Made in 30 mins.

I used a glass baking dish to cool this barfi but if you are using a metal plate or tray do grease it with toop.

Now remove the mix to the tray or glass dish and allow to cool over night. If it is set well cut into squares. I had to put it in the fridge to set for further 4 hrs to get neatly cut squares. Over few days the barfi sets firmly in the fridge as you relish it slowly.

Isn't it so easy peasy! Make it and tell me you accomplished making Aamba Barfi or Mango fudge.

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