Monday, November 09, 2020

Cooking and Feeding With LOVE

It is such a joy to cook and feed. Right from when I turned adult I have been doing it. If anyone cooks for me a decent meal I consider it an act of true love. There are hundreds of eateries from where one can order and these days we have a good spending capacity. However that is not the same kind of love as when some one gets into the kitchen to cook up a meal for you. The taste may not be good but what is important is you took the trouble.

When I was in college many times I would be famished in the evenings when I would be back home. So I would make snacks for myself and in a joint family one never ate alone so I made more for anyone who would like it. There was one cousin who did not care for anyone and always had a twisted point of view so she said I cooked because I wanted to eat! 

Many decades later I reflect on it. Words don't hurt so much anymore. If I did not like cooking and feeding this blog would not have existed. All that I do in the field of food wouldn't have brought me to where I am.

The Community food fridge has provided me an opportunity to cook and feed people anonymously. I try to use the best quality ingredients and make it tasty so when some one eats it they should feel satiated. After all Shree Gondavalekar Maharaj has said that it is the only desire that can be fulfilled as once your stomach is full you don't desire more. What follows is Trupti.

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