Monday, November 16, 2020

Diwali 2020 in the midst of Covid-19

Back to this gorgeous view that I am blessed with. 

We had a fantabulous Diwali, a staycation at Powai Lake. The videos will come up on TalkativeAnjali soon.

This morning breakfast was homemade Diwali faral brought over by Mangala Vahini, Vijay bhau, Sujal and my DIL Dipti. I did not make any faral. So this was enjoyed even more. 

A generous box filled with her usual repertoire and some new additions. I also noticed the change in taste so I am thinking it is Dipti's hand work. Loved the Phodni in the Chivda, Masta Khamanga. The Karanji was delicate and filled well. My Karanji cover is always a thick one so love Vahini's. The Khari puri is a new addition and so is the barik shev. Her besan ladoo are always beautifully roasted brown. The jaad shev her usual. I noted the shankarpali had a whiff of vanilla essence. Who dun it? Vijay bhau always helps with faral making never seen Sujal do it. He must have done the shopping for the ingredients I guess. Enjoyed everything a lot! 

Thank you for coming over and bringing along Ankita and Akshada. 

Dinner started with 3 types of icecreams as soon as they arrived. Orange Apricot, Pineapple cranberry and Pink Guava with salt n chili sprinkle. I was still rolling out Ghadichi Poli then. 

Rest of the menu went like this Ghadichi Poli with matar paneer because Sujal loves it, basmati rice with Masoor aamti made in coconut milk. Bengali tomato chutney I had saved for them to taste and take away too. Akhrod halwa that we got from the hotel as a send off since we had loved it. A jugful of mattha to close the meal.

After coming back home from the staycation I quickly Swiggyed to replenish my pantry and fridge. Cooked the dinner just in time of their arrival. My dinners are always help yourselves ones.

Though a brief evening it did feel like a Diwali dinner because when together we are loud n cheery šŸ˜

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