Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Apple N Grape Cobbler

new friendships and cemented ones too

UMM...Can I have ice cream too ?

Before it went into the oven

Evolving Tastes Peach Cobbler and Cherry Cobbler completely mesmerized me. How could one not succumb to the combined charm.

I was off to an outbound learning center for a couple of days and as usual wanted to keep food stocked for Dad especially for his sweet tooth. Some of it I packed for friends to taste.

The verdict: Yum!

I followed the Peach cobbler recipe. The changes I made

Ghee instead of butter
2 apples and 1 cup green grapes

I have come back with new friendships and old ones that have cemented. More about the Outbound experience later.

ET thank you for sharing.


  1. ANJALI, my pleasure! The grapes look superb, and so does the crumb texture. I am thrilled by this post. :-)

  2. Anjali, your cobbler looks yummy, I cannot resist Paula Deen's Cobbler!! I should try yours

  3. wow.. looks good, sounds easy too.should try this :)

  4. perfect texture and mouthwatering desert.

  5. Thanks for this post Anjali...Cobbler indeed was yummy..actually it tasted better than it looked :-). Thanks for taking the pains for making them for us :-)

  6. ET the crumb was excellent and yet quite light too. My friends asked about the difference between a pie and cobbler and when some wants to know more it means it is a certificate that the recipe was good. Once again thank you.

    dee then I shud try Paula Deen's u say. Noted :)!

    Anjali J. It is is layered in a jiffy in the oven for 1 hr. and your done.

    Voyager you are a sweetheart....nah nah like ur lil one wld say Mama sweetheart because she is baby sweetheart :). Its my pleasure dear.

  7. The pics look delicious!!!

  8. I made this recipe and must say that is the best "cobbler" I have ever eaten! Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Gramma am thrilled you liked it.


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