Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gimme Red ~~

Roasted Red Peppers and Toasted Sesame Dip

Gimme Red~~~ No no this is not the ad for a certain dry cell. This is what I said when I saw this Jugalbandi post on Muhammara.

If you break up this word as Muh-mara in Hindi it means mouth-dead. Now atleast the color challenges the mouth and one actually prepares to kill the taste buds. Surprise! the dip is very kind to the taste buds inspite of the color.

I adapted the recipe according to what I had in the pantry so I don't know if it can still be called Muhmmara, kyu ki mera muh infact abhi zinda hua hai!

  • Toasted Sesame seeds instead of walnuts
  • omitted hot chilli sauce
  • used 1 tbsp white vinegar

Kept rest of the ingredients the same and followed the procedure. I made the paste rather smooth as I was using sesame seeds that are tiny compared to walnuts and need to be ground fine lest they remain whole.

I made it last night. Smeared on pita bread and stuffed the pockets with stir fried onion-yellow peppers-mushrooms. Wonderful summery dinner.

I had some leftover dip, so just made Kanda Bhajji to go with it and Thikat Khichadi for lunch. We are still burping as I post this.


  1. beautiful, esp. the kanda bhajji.

  2. the bhajji n the dip makes me drool here

  3. Kanda bhaji looks so crispy and yummy! Dip pan khoob changla diste :)

  4. cool dip Anjali, I need to try out soon, Sesame sounds great!!!!!!!


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