Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paneerwali Bharwa Shimla Mirch

Withdrawn from Click: Paneerwali Bharwa Shimla Mirch before frying
Paneerwali Bharwa Shimla Mirch after frying

This post is special, as for the first time I am posting it immediately after cooking is done and even before enjoying it. Yes I haven't tasted it yet!

I have been lazy yesterday and something in life is taking me by surprise. I have been chattering all of last week and friends Mridula and Indrayani say I am funny and naughty too. I am taking long walks in the evening and focusing on my health more than before. Earlier I would give an excuse I need company etc. but now I go alone for the walk. I enjoy it so much, taking in the sights and smells as I wave out to kids playing outside the compound wall. The sweet smell of temple champa blooms is intoxicating. I feel like declaring to the world I am high on life!

Here are some pictures of Bangalore I took during my walk and while on the bus to work.

This post is for Click, the photo event by the duo Bee and Jai.

Do you want the recipe?

Chalo thik hai here it is.


4-5 capsicums
1 cup crushed fresh paneer
1 handful cilantro
2 green chilies chopped fine
1 handful golden raisins
1 onion chopped fine
salt to taste

2 tablespoons Oil to fry

Wash and clean the capsicums. Cut them at the middle to get two cups. Deseed by scooping out the middle with a spoon. Keep aside.

In a bowl mix together with a light hand mix all the items like paneer, onion, cilantro, chilies, raisins an salt. Now fill the cups of capsicum with this mix that is what names it Paneerwali Bharwa Shimla Mirch.

In an frying pan add the oil and spread evenly. Put on medium heat. Line up the stuffed capsicums in the pan. Slow fry till paneer gets a pink tinge on top. The cooking time is anywhere between 20 mins to 30 mins. You could even grill these in an oven.

Serve hot with paratha.

Music: Now listening Soona Soona


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  2. Bharwa mirch looks delicious anjali & nice photos of ur india trip

  3. Cooking San welcome here! You no have pictures on ya blog? Thank you for link. Bows

    Thanks Trupti! Aga me Blr lach aste.

  4. That looks delicious, Anjali! Love the pix of BLR too. I do miss that city!!

  5. I love this and havent had it for a long time now. Will make it surely.


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