Thursday, April 17, 2008

Banana Pancakes

Use those fruits! Dad ordered quite irate with the fact that his puja room had a very very fruity smell of overripe Bananas and Guavas. They had been lying there for over a week. I had not found time to make proper breakfast as I had lots to do at work and a colleague throwing tantrums was just wrong timing. I have concluded creative people should not be discounted for misbehavior, aren't all of us professionals? So I did what I had to do. Put the smelly bananas in their place, made pancakes and topped them with honey. Outcome you ask? Delicious, fragrant and visually appealing work.

Now, I cannot share here the recipe of what was the magic at work, yes but the recipe for the pancakes is here ;).


2 smelly bananas err overripe I mean
1 cup all purpose flour
0.5 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1.5 cup milk
Ghee to fry

Honey for drizzling.

Mash the bananas. You get it? Add all ingredients into a bowl and beat well to get a fluffy batter. Use more milk if you have to get thinner batter, it should be spreadable.

On a medium hot griddle spread small pancakes and fry using ghee on both the sides. Serve hot with a scoop of a jelly of your choice. Drizzle honey and enjoy!


  1. Hilarious....they look lovely inspite of the overipe bananas.

  2. lol - that was hilarious. i wouldve probably just brought the smelly bananas to work for my "colleague"!

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  4. nice one thanx i used 2 thro' overripe bananas as no one like in my house which makes me to feel bad so this time i'll surely try this recipe as it looks gr8


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