Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have a seed, am I a fruit? I am sweet but what is that seed?

Updated: 14th April 08

YAY ! for all the gals. You gals sure are foodies. How come none of you thought that it is a ber/ bore?

Each one of you is a Anna Parabrahma certified Foodie :) !!

Yes it is a Gulabjamun with a pista tucked in. Yesterday was Ram Navami and I had to make Naivedya when I remembered the gulabjamuns from Jhama, Chembur Colony.

When I was living in my Uncle's home for some years in that area we have enjoyed hot gulabjamuns from Jhama. It felt like a treasure hunt to find the pista in the center.Now there is a Jhama next to my home too in Mumbai. When ever I am there we enjoy the tikis and gulabjamuns.

Jhama is a Sindhi Mithaiwala with the first outlet in Chembur Colony or Camp as it is know since the days of Partition. The food is always fresh and even single servings are sumptuous. One day I asked the guy frying the Jalebis how this innovation happened. To my surprise it was not to enhance the taste of the gulabjamun. This trick was adopted to avoid an uncooked center. Cool Tip! Won't you agree?

Incase you guys are in the area also check out the Sindhi Falooda stall opposite Jhama at Chembur Colony. Its authentic and rich~~ After Kailash, Colaba it has to be this place for Sindhi Falooda! Badshah go scamper fast....

Thank you for your responses and I enjoyed reading your responses though short but it made me smile each time and I know you gals too had fun:).

Nupur: You will be a good Mom when you do have kids and you are still a kid at heart I see it :).

Manisha: ex-winner is barred.

Divya Vikram : A whole Cardamom would be too much in it but I've seen Rosgulla with a single seed of cardamom in it.

Anonymous : Raisin does not fall into seed category but you were right partly.

Cinnamon : Say Pistachio with your mouth rounded in an "O"

Anita :Now you are the coolest gal! A floral fruit - gulab jamun! it is and seed is a nutty one ;)

SMN : Badam in the center will give a jerk, the pista however softens and complements the taste well.

Voyager : That was wild ;). Did you meant it?

Nandita: With raisin will try next time doctor :)

Arundathi: ditto minus doctor

Seema: V M?

ANJALI J. :Roasted cashew, another idea :)

P: Visarlas?


  1. I think you are a kala jamun with a little pista tucked inside :)

  2. Gulab Jamun with pistachio or cardamom in it..

  3. Gulab Jamun with a raisin inside it

  4. GulabJamun with pista or raisin

  5. A floral fruit - gulab jamun! :D

  6. Gulab jamun with pistachio or badam

  7. Is it Gulab jamoon with banana/ grapes inside?

  8. Kala Jamun with a pista.

  9. Gulab Jamun with a raisin/Roasted cashew.
    Whatever it is, it looks too delicious :)

  10. [grumble].... [grumble some more].... [grumble even more]...

  11. Manisha: See I knew parents learn from Lil ones. See Medha, she is such a good girl!

  12. Have heard a lot about Jhama - and have had their specialties at a friend's house in Chembur...Love your descriptions and your lovely heart that shines thru in all your posts...

    You made this from scratch kya??

  13. Nandita a big hug to u too :). I used Priya Brand ready mix. I've never tried from scratch. I think I shld.

  14. Anjali
    Send me whatever you want me to include in the roundup. I was not sure exactly what it is. Just dedicate the post to RCI-Bengal, it is ok if you have not been able to cook it


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