Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Subash's Birthday Treat

Subash is the youngest one in our team, we have Mumbai Vs Chennai verbal matches all the time. Today was his birthday so he took us out for lunch at Ohri's food court in Total Mall. I almost missed it as I had gone for a management review. I don't know what the food tasted like as I decide to just binge on a sundae and the birthday boy chose my order. I liked the sundae it was nine in one (9in1 said the menu).

Preeti had a sizzler, decoded as a huge cutlet with an interesting sauce, garlic bread and french fries.

Subash had a sizzler too but just a veggies one. I caught the steam in the click. Preeti's was better he said.

Deepa had macaroni in white sauce that she enjoyed. Mamatha played a safe bet on appam and stew.

Ramesh in the far enjoyed his Hyderabadi biryani with mirchi ka salan.

And so did Mark.

That is my sundae and some paneer nachos that were served by mistake. We ate half of them wondering when they started making nachos with paneer meanwhile they realised the mistake and served us another plate of cheese nachos.

We like the place as its bright and not too rushed. All the portions are really big and 1.5 people can enjoy a single order. None of us could finish off our individual servings.

We were a happy lot and returned to work for our Team Eating err Meeting.

It is not yet midnight so here's wishing Subash Happy Birthday again!


  1. Nice post Anjali. There should have a closeup pic on your Sundae :-) And u shudnt have been missing in the pics..

  2. Voyager u know me.....this blog is for you guys..family...friends...and more....so I prefer being behind the scenes. Yep the sundae mug shot is missin as I hurried to eat it before it melted away.

  3. Thanks a lot anjali .... the blog was too good

  4. Don't see a feed. Could you enable one? Nice blog, btw.

  5. Anon welcome here, if you delurk I may enable the feeds.


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