Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Avocado Chutney

Gosh! this was the first time I was using Avocado. I had picked a nice firm one and it had cost me a good 40 bucks. It was lying around for 2 days then I decided to make some Burritos. I cut the Avocado into two. Admired the seed. Then sliced of a bit and put it in my mouth. I had read about people swooning over Guacamole so it was the natural thing to do. It was such a let down. It did not have any taste. Then I gave a tiny bit to a Dheer Uncle who was here with us at the time also giving him gyan on Avocado. Suddenly he yucked it out! and so did Dad who had managed to get a bit into his mouth. It was bitter!!! I wondered how that was possible and I nibbled on another piece. All of us needed an antidote of jaggery after that!!

Throw it out!!! I was instructed with disgust. I did not have the heart to do it.

I came back to Google guru and asked why my Avocado was bitter? Yahoo answers told me it might be raw. I put both the halves of the spilt Avocado and kept it in the veggies tray. Then on the Chaturthi Day it felt mushy under the thick skin. I washed and peeled the skin off and then mashed it to smooothness along with a couple of chilies to make the chutney and squeezed lime on it.

I think Avocado is overated for its taste frankly.


  1. Certainly Not. The Avocado Dip is one of the greatest dip that you can ever taste. when you scoop it outleaving the seed and the skin it should come very creamy.. That is when it tastes good..

  2. Anon, Indian food is so flavorful that bland foods like avocado don't stand a chance in my list. But people who like bland food might like it.

  3. i am an Indian from western maharashtra and I think avocado dip is real tasty, its not bland at all. I use my avocado in bombil chutney (onion-chilli version), and it tastes real good. prefer home made guacamole, just garlic-coriander-chilly-lime -scallions. goes well with traditional tortilla chips. and yes, in India for some reason ava dont taste the way they taste in north america.


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