Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chill Out Trifle

Sure you will !! but wait did you get it yet? This is actually a no chill Trifle. You heard me right you can make it without putting it in the fridge !!!

I moved to a new place in a nearby area last week. Followed by lot of packing - unpacking, limbs exerted, living in boxes for a week followed by fever this weekend.

Yet the ever bright smile I try to keep up many times fools a lot of people around me. At such times I depend on Food !! Not a good thing to do but when you need it you just need it.

So lets do the needful first and then may be if you are interested enough read further how I live a frugal life and it gets mentioned here when I want to change many things about it.

The recipe first.

Just yesterday I picked up Amul's Low fat fresh cream and it stayed good at room temperature I should say Kitchen temperature for 32 hrs. I also had bought Kissan's Orange Marmalade after long since we decided to cut out unwanted sugar and Britannia's Marie Gold. All I needed was a fresh fruit to put together a trifle and an apple was the choice.


1 pack 200ml Amul's low fat fresh cream
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 tablespoons Kissan's Orange Marmalade
8 Britannia's Marie Gold biscuits
1 apple

Take 2 nos. 3 inch bowls. Crush the Marie biscuits and line the bottom of the bowl. Use 4 biscuits for each bowl. I like bits you may crush to coarse powder if you like it that way. Then cut the apple to small pieces. Use half an apple for each bowl. Layer on top of the crushed biscuits. Now add 1 tablespoon of orange Marmalade on the apple layer. Spread it a little so its distributed well. Keep it aside to soften a bit. Meanwhile get the fresh cream ready.

In a big bowl scoop out the fresh cream. Discard the water if any. Add the sugar and beat with a wooden or plastic spatula till the sugar is dissolved and soft peak are formed.

Finally divide the sweetened cream equally between the two bowls and top them up. You can add nuts and raisins too or drizzle with fruit sauce of choice.

It can be enjoyed immediately if you like a bit of crunch in the dessert or let it sit for 10 mins to soften and sink a bit and if you like mush add a little bit of milk.

It a perfect treat for people who are barred from eating chilled treats.

and the boring story continues..... Why live a frugal life? There are several reasons. No they are not religious neither am I a stingy person. Then sometimes there is a breakdown and I feel like going home to Mumbai and the comfortable life. Then again I just bounce back.

What I have learnt is inspite of being used to amenities that ease life it is possible to live without them and not miss them as much as you think.

Here is my daily routine.
Wake up call by Dad at : 5.00 am
Brush and get fresh
Cook: till 6.15 am
Pack lunch box
Hand Wash clothes and bath: after 6.15 am
Hang the clothes for drying.
Have tea made by Dad.
Pick up lunch box
Catch bus at 7.10 am for office
Reach office by 8.10 am
Work till 6.00 pm
Reach home by 8.00 - 8. 15 pm
Get fresh and have dinner made by Dad most times.
Do the dishes and clean the kitchen.
Surf the Internet, catch up with loved ones who are far away.
Sometimes do some office work or spend time on my hobbies as I do not watch much TV except while having dinner. I watch whatever my Dad watches.
Sleep by 11.30

If you think this is clockwork it is. It works for me most times. I have my times when I want to just chill out and throw away all this clockwork to the wind.

At times I feel like Jane Austen trying to please the father.


  1. You really have a routine.
    It was nice reading about it.
    Loved your no chill trifle

  2. Oh man! that is one bowl of bliss. Looks so pretty!

  3. Loved ur trifle.. Its always good to stick to a routine.


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