Thursday, September 25, 2008

MTR needs to learn hospitality

Recently Dheer Uncle was here to visit us over the weekend. We went to Navadarshanam for a day trip and then thought of having an early dinner at MTR. A brand so famous for its high quality food and the spice mixes that it is a household name.

MTR is also infamous for the rude behavior of its staff at the restaurant. We experienced this first hand. We walked into the restaurant and inquired about dinner. We were told that dinner would start at 7.40 pm that would mean we would have to wait for 1/2 hour. So we decided to go for snacks. There was a huge crowd in the waiting. We registered our names for table reservations. The old man was way too rude. He started dictating that we would get only rava idli and upma. After 15 mins of waiting when we still did not get our tables and he started telling us that they were stopping serving snacks we lost our patience and walked out of the restaurant.

We understand that they serve fresh food and never make excess but with the rudeness they tell you it makes you feel like a beggar. Wonder if they feel they run a Anna Chhatra! (free food charity service)

MTR that prides in its heritage so much needs to learn hospitality. Hope the young scions who run the business read this and bring in a change.

As for me I have decided never go to MTR again till I hear that their service has improved.

I have emailed to customer care at the email id:mailto:rama.devi@mtrfoods.comlet us see what follows.


  1. That is pretty sad. I have not dined at MTR, but poor customer service anywhere is a recipe for disaster. Hope those people get back to you.

  2. I totally agree with your views on MTR they have a sense of arrogance since they been around for long. We are Bangaloreans but stopped going there coz of their unhealthy attitude.


  3. Sadly, thats true. I have experienced it too.

  4. Unfortunately, that is true. But their food is so good, that we go out of our way to compromise on hospitality. They really do need to change. I hope you get a positive response.

  5. Completely agree with you about MTR. I went there almost a year ago expecting to get their famed lunch but all I got was arrogance and complete disregard. It was exactly as if we are begging for food. I didn't get to eat the lunch then, and never will, since I decided never to go there again.

  6. sometimes it happens dear ....i have experienced like this too in my place...dont wanna point names here but it really update us with wats the response from customer care....

  7. Sorry to hear that..infact i never went there but i pass that road everyday on way to home.. and it is always crowed and i know wat u mught hv gone thru when u hungry.

  8. i so agree with you on MTR. I used to really love their food, not anymore. Their rudeness puts me off. There are many better resaurants in Bangalore these days which serve typical karnataka food so I dont even miss MTR anymore.


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