Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Potato Mozzarella Chili Crêpe

Once I get on to the net I am stuck until Dad gets impatient and reminds me.

It was 7.45 pm and I had still not started cooking dinner. It had to be a rice and dal night plus it was Saturday. So I thought I'd fry some potato bhajji. I sliced the potatoes and started looking for chickpea flour to make the batter only to know I was out of stock.

Then it just flashed I could make potato omlette or what the Swiss call potato pancake. But after making it and the two of us freaking out on it. I rechristened it to Potato Mozzarella Chili Crêpe.

I loved the original flavors and the ketchup king enjoyed it with his signature tomato dip.


2 medium potatoes
2X3 piece of Mozzarella Cheese
2-3 green chilies chopped fine
1 teaspoon Olive oil

In a non stick pan add Olive oil and heat on high. While the oil is heating slice the potatoes on a V-slicer. Layer the potatoes in the pan try to close all gaps by ovelapping the second layer of slices. Sprinkle salt if required. I find cheese salty so don't need to add extra salt on the potatoes. Now grate the Mozzarella on the layered potatoes. Keep the gas on sim. Sprinkle fine chopped green chilies on in. Cover and cook for 15 mins. Lift the crepe with a spatula or fork and check if crisp and golden at the bottom. If it is nice and golden it will come off easily from the pan. Lift it onto a plate with the cheesy side up. The cheese on melting forms a nice lace at the edges and in the gaps. The crepe is unbelievably light and tasty and looks so pretty too.


  1. I could imagine the taste from u're writing but honestly anajli, the photo did not do justice to the taste of th dish! But I would love to have one in this rainy weather in Chennai!

  2. Nirmala I know its a bad picture :P. I took it with my cell as I was out of batteries for the digicam.

    Voyager potato and cheese is our weakness hai naa :)!

  3. Anjali agree with you that the pic is not doing justice to your delicious entry. But still it sounds interesting and yummy

  4. first time to ur blog,potato mozzarella are yummy..

  5. That really so delicious...I can imagine the taste!

  6. thats a lovely twist to the dish...


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