Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Methi Paneer Sovereign

Methi Paneer Sovereigns with Pickle and Channar Payesh

Cuz S is a health freak. He is the type who picks veggies out of the serving that may be lined with a bit of oil and dabs it on absorbent paper. He is constantly nibbling on little things but never eats a lot at a time. Fried food is absolute no. Sweets are shunned away.

He works out regularly and is very carefully dressed always. Even if you want him to leave home at 6.00 am you will find him with fashionably styled hair with gel.

You might have guessed he is looking. He listed out the things he would look for in a girl to marry and said two things are very important for him.

1. She should be as tall as him (which means as short as him, He is an Indian man you see)
2. She must be fit (he is so expected this)

All this was OK until I heard him say, "I will be fit even at 60 and working out with my grandchildren."

This made me shrink. I had heard this once before from W too.

I mentioned this too Uncle MJ and he said, "Haat paay chaltat to paryant thik aahe" I'll translate it for you, "Until you are mobile, its OK to say this!"

It made me think. Yes it is so important to go beyond and think inspite of the care one takes can anyone predict the future or control it. Just like we invest in good health should we not invest in the people around us. I know this sounds selfish but think of it.

I many times wonder

1. Who takes care of people who do not have family around them when they are ill?
2. What is their fate?
3. Does their money help?
4. Does society help?
5. Does their having been fit all their life help?

Well we must learn to invest in relationships wisely for our own selfish goals atleast.

For all the fitness freaks who think that they will last till the end of the world here is Methi Paneer Sovereigns with Pickle and Channar Payesh. A little indulgence and a smart investment in people around you will make you a happy person towards the end of your life. I learnt this from the many I saw and I learnt from their mistakes.

When you have a bit of paneer that you don't want to keep away for the next day and a full meal ready, what do you do?

Don't think much make Methi Paneer Sovereigns. Try them out they are sheer pleasure and really this is a high protein recipe also ideal for weight loss programs if baked.


1/2 cup paneer
1 teaspoon kasuri methi
1/2 cup chickpea flour
salt to taste
1 green chili

Knead together all the ingredients. Divide the dough into 6 parts. Shape into marbles and press into flat sovereigns. Shalow fry.

Else spray with oil and bake till golden at 200 deg. Baking is feasible if the quantity is larger. This recipe though healthy is for indulgence so always make small quantities.

I served with pickle you can serve with any dip of your choice. I enjoyed it on its own for the wonderful flavor of kasuri methi.

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  1. methi paneer sovereigns sound and look delicious, and I adore your blue clay thali and glass


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