Saturday, January 24, 2009

Traditional Masale Bhat

When something is on your mind it has to reflect in the cooking. My Aai was an emotional cook too. Dad always said that the day she was in a bad mood, "Vat lagli samazaicha!"

I gravitated towards the Traditional Masale Bhat, it is a must in Maharashtrian wedding though not on a Koli wedding menu.

There is a kind a thrill when one makes some dishes associated with some festival and events and when one is not even celebrating it! It invariably gets the "Arey Wah" from family.

This is also to ask what will be on menu? I am excited!!!

The Traditonal Marathi masale bhat is always made with Tondli or Ivy gourd

The Masala for Maharashtrian Masale bhat is here

Follow the steps exactly like Toor Masale Bhat but for this traditional one replace the Toor with Tondli, only then it is the wedding menu Masale bhat!

Change the vegetable and you get endless variations in Masale bhat!

Read here Ashwini's reminisces about Marriages and Masale Bhaat. I guess it is always like that certain foods evoke the same kind of emotions and memories.

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