Sunday, January 04, 2009

I miss watching the kids grow up

I have spent a lot of time with Pranav, my nephew when he was small but since last 3 years haven't really got a chance to be with him. He misses me as much as I do.

Just yesterday my friends Alok-Varsha and Anand-Asawari came home with their kids. A one yr old and a 5 yr old.

The One year old, Aditya has just about started speaking a few words and he is still not able to say complete sentences. Alok, his father told him to do Jai-Jai to a picture of God. He did it and looked like a angel when he did. Then his father told him to go to the prayer room and do Jai Jai. He said NAAHI ! I was amazed that he could actually say No and that too very firmly.

The fiveish, Gauri's father, Anand was telling me how in Finland kids are taught cooking skills (ofcourse under parental supervision). I asked her what she learnt to cook in school. She in her lisp was counting on her little fingers chocolate cake, strawberry cake, pancakes etc. Asawari added that she had told her that pancake is dosa. This little girl was quick to ask, "Do dosas have eggs, tell me? Pancakes have eggs. So dosas are not pancakes". My jaw just dropped.

Then this morning I was online was looking for a toy for Pranav. I was thrilled when I chanced upon this wonderful site. Just skimming through it made me realize I was missing out on watching my nephews and neices grow up. I have four but I have spent time largely only with Pranav. The other three have just visited me or I have visited them. I don't have the same bond with them as I do with Pranav. Never got a chance.

When I visited my sisters I saw Anshika she is 3 yrs already. I dont know what she looked like as a baby :( , pictures are not enough. Anushka came back from school in the afternoon and she has grown to be a tall girl now of 7 yrs. I smiled when I saw her, one plait loose and the other still held in place with a ribbon, proof of all the mischief in the school bus. Many say she has taken after me.

I recollect fondly Pranav telling me, the little one is named Anshika. I commented "Anshika? but we already have Anushka!" Yeah he said, "Nusta(Simply) confusion, first Anushka and now Anshika".

Another phone conversation between an 8yr old and a grandpa kept me in splits.

Nirbhay to Mothe Baba: How are you feeling now?

Mothe Baba: Better. Yeah I did have a bad tummy but am OK now.

Nirbhay: Oh good! else you would be polluting the entire building there. Poor neighbors.

Sometime this year I have resolved to spend time with the kids. Going to Thal when all of them spend their hols there would be real fun me think. Right now they are just back to school after enjoying the the sun n sand and the fun n frolic in Thal.

Here is another one that I loved. A Blr kid relpied to me when asked what he had for breakfast, "Rice cakes with coconut sauce". Needless to say I was lost for a couple of seconds till I slowly repeated after him "Idli with chutney" ofcourse! as I nodded my head and gave him a thumbs up :D. That is the effect of globe trotting families.

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