Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary!

Jac Jemc

Wish you a Happy Wedding Anniversary Dearest Deepa & Vijay!!

This year has been an important year with the completion of the four corners of the happy square family. May the lord give you lots of love to share with each other. For someone who is so giving the Lord will fill you with happiness always! May you grow old together and I'd love to hear all the fun stories of you two.

Lots of Love

P.S: This is a food blog but this couple has a recipe for a happy married life. Are they ready to share their secret with us?


  1. What a gorgeous phot, love it!! Beautiful concept. Wish you a very happy 10th anniversary to them too and many happy returns of the same! :))

  2. Thank you soo much Anjalidi. No secrets at all...We've had our share of love & fights in these 8 yrs. One of us manages to make it up everytime.

  3. Voyager now you make me feel old and haggard! U can call me that but not at work ;). That is a very concise answer. Wish some is reading this.

  4. Asha she read it. Thanks on her behalf.


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