Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chubble Bread

I had seen this bread on Fig's with Bri a long time ago. Today I went over to Mrs. Marv mentioned in that post to look for the recipe.

First thing that struck me is it asked for Parmesan cheese. I was not going to go hunting for it. I'm in South India and I was going to use what ever cheese is available easily.

This bread got baked for a dear friend. She is experiencing the pangs of an empty nest. She has singlehandedly brought up her daughter. The daughter got married recently and has flown off to a distant land. Though they talk to each other almost daily, She still feels low.

I have been rushing to be with her whenever I get one of those messages indicative of loneliness. She enjoys eating but is a non vegetarian. When we go out to eat she prefers to order veg even though I don't mind eating at the same table.

To make something vegetarian for her and something that she'd love was a challenge. Then I remembered Bri's comment in her post "Being vegetarian, it’s a little disconcerting (and bordering on scandalous) that the flavor was quite similar to bacon." So this was a perfect recipe for her.

For all the procedure go over to the link added above.

My twist

I caramelized the onions. Used 8 mushrooms, chopped and cooked for 5 mins. The stuff became more like a bhaaji. Cilantro replaced the parsley. I used dried Basil. The cheese was Amul's mozzarella. Made this in the morning while making lunch.

The bread went through the kneading & proofing cycle during the day. Finally baked the bread for dinner.

We, Dad n me had half of it with ketchup and washed it down with watermelon juice. The other half I had frozen for my friend and she warmed it up for dinner the following day. Next morning I got a mail thanking me and it said "It was good!"

Next I want to treat her to a sweet baked goody, Chirstmas is coming up so its the right time for her. I'll go see her at home then...

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