Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Quick Kali Dal

I had posted a Creamy Dal Makhani sometime last year. This is a quicker version of it and is called Kali Dal coz there is no Rajma no Chana dal in this version. This one is simpler version I'd say.


1/4 cup whole urad / black lentils
1 inch ginger
1/2 teaspoon garam masala
1 green chili
2 teaspoons oil
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds

Soak the whole urad overnight in a lot of water (to avoid slime).

Cook the pre-soaked dal in a pressure cooker along with Garam masala and ginger. Once cooked. Prepare the tadka with oil, mustard seeds and slit green chili in a wok. Pour the boiled dal into the wok. Bring to boil. Keep the consistency thick to get the creaminess to peak.

Serve hot with thick Punjabi Roti. Add a blob of cream on the dal. This dal is simplicity at its best and really quick to make.


  1. Hi ANjali,
    Kashi Aahes? I was just doing a quick round on all the bloggers on my link list and happy to see you blogging regularly! I've just got back after several long gaps - hope you having a great festive season and warm wishes for a happy new year!

  2. Hi Doctor! Ho maza chan chalay. Tuzi Bala barobar gammat chalo asel nahi...Going over to yours...

  3. I love simple dals.They taste the best.Picture looks appetizing.

  4. I love any kind of dals.. so versatile and delicious.. If you wish to, you can send this as entry to My Legume Love Affair 18.. details are at the following link:

    Happy Holidays,

  5. I really would like having dal makhani as many times as I possibly can ... this is wonderfully simple and so delicious sounding!

  6. So easy and looks delicious, Anjali. I love the shape of the dishes :)

  7. Hello,

    This dal is so easy to make. will try it soon and the picture is very tempting. You gave me my first comment in this blog world(for sago potato cake) Did you try it yet? I am also participating in the recipe marathon.
    How is your father now? Hope he feels better.


  8. Unpredictable I haven't tried it yet...must get around to doing that soon. Dad is doing good. Thanks for enquiring


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