Thursday, December 03, 2009

Shahi Tukda

and a feast for S & S.

What a weekend it was! Last month S&S visited me for the first time. It was his first ever trip and ofcourse a first after marriage too.

I haven't seen a couple having multiple honeymoons. These two are lucky. After their real one, they went to a weekend getaway in Lonavala with Uncle MJ and Aruna Kaki.

This time it was with me. I did not feel like a kabab mein haddi though. They keep fighting like kids. I wondered aloud "Is this love?" Both would blush a crimson red.

Immediately after they arrived we attended a wedding. The next day was a choice between visiting Mysore and doing the Shravanbelagola, Belur and Halebidu trio one more time with S&S.

Sapna chose the later. All new brides are put through some compatibility test with each member in the family. I added a mental tick. Ever since the first time I met her this list has grown. S is my kid bro so his wife is also that for me. I realize many times that they bring out the mother in me.

We had a fabulous day trip to the utterly enchanting archeological sites. We had fun and frolicked in the outdoors. My cuz S keeping us ladies in splits with his potty jokes as we climbed the Vindhyagiri at Shravanbelagola.

Then it was Sunday, time for them to go back to Mumbai.

After eating out for two days. I had to treat them to a meal at home.

Cuz S knows well to butter me. He has asked his wifey to pickup things from me when around me, especially cooking. Tell me which sis will not be elated?

Did I fall prey, may be. I went all out to make an elaborate meal. Yet before I started I wanted them out of my way, so packed them of for Bangalore darshan along with Dad and the driver. As I waved a bye, I told them lunch would be ready by the time they are back.

It was ready in two hours.

The spread as you see below consisted of Bangalore Style Curd rice, Yardlong beans and Potato bhaaji, Dal palak, Kokum Saar, Palak Paratha (used the Methi na Thepla recipe), Steamed Rice (not in pix) & Shahi Tukda!

Shahi Tukda is so easy to make and a sure hit with people who love slurpy, milky stuff like our Madame. She nibbled at it delicately, it brought a smile to my face. I knew she would ask for the recipe. So here it is...

You need


4 slices of bread each cut into fours
enough ghee to fry

1 tin Amul Mithai Mate (Reduced sweetened milk)
1 cup whole milk

Almonds slivered
Pistachios slivered
Pumpkin seeds
2-3 cardamoms powdered

In a shallow frying pan add the ghee little by little and fry the slices till they are golden brown. Drain on a paper napkin. Keep aside.

In a pot empty the Amul Mithai Mate and mix with 1 cup whole milk. Warm a bit so that is homogenizes. Warming helps to soak the slices well in the thick milk. I did not warm so it gave me slightly crunchy slices in milky syrup. The next day when the slices sogged they tasted better.

Now once the preps are done, assemble a pretty plate. Line up the golden fried slices. Pour the warm milky syrup over the slices. Decorate with the nut slivers and pumpkin seeds. Sprinkle the cardamom powder over it. Chill for min 30 mins before serving.

Whoever said bread cannot be indianized into a sweet! May the inventor be blessed.

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