Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pedhyachi Poli

& an equally Chweet Weekend

Every time some one visits Gondavale we get a huge packet of Satara's famous Kandi Pedhe (pedha is singular). Then follows a call to the Priest's home. That is too many pedhe! I say. Immediately Vahini tells me, chaan Polya karun kha. So sincerely I take her advice and follow it too.

Its a simple procedure all you need to do is crush the pedhe. Use it as stuffing for the poli. The cover is your regular chapati dough. Roll out the stuffed balls of dough and roast with generous amounts of ghee. Some of these went to my neighbors and some for my Dad.

Today the evening was spent at my dear friend D's son's 1st birthday party. There were tatooed and jumping kids everywhere. Caught up with 2 of my ex-colleagues both very pregnant yet they came to meet us. There was good cheer in the air.

Yesterday it was Chimi's weekly bathing day, as usual after removing the collar she got the clue. She saw the old cotton dupatta that I use to dry her up, grabbed it and what followed is this.

Ain't she adorable!
Sumeet Mama says she is a spoilt brat.


  1. nyam nyam nyam....thats how my son wud have reacted after seeing this :-)

  2. Am cracking my fingers :)! Enjoy your time with the kiddos.


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