Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mainland China's Awesome Oriental Flavors

And Meeting A Friend After 15yrs.

It was a Thu evening, I got a message from my schoolmate, Shalaka suggesting a dine out. I was thrilled. Memories came back flashing. The last time I met her was on the Kalina Campus, Mumbai University while both of us were doing our post grads way back in the early nineties.

After a long silence that life brings in when we chase other things, we got back in touch through the social media. It is such a phenomena, last year most of my classmates met online and all the time gone by melted away the distance. We were clued in on everyone's life and happenings. Sharing our happiness and sadness. It was now time to meet up in person and they did in Dec. I missed it, got cursed for not attending. So this was my chance to meet up a classmate after ages.

We met at at MG road and decide to go Mainland China which is on Church Street. I always loved Mainland China. The Saki Naka location was a favorite place for lunch with clients in my younger days. We agreed food was only a "Bahana" but it had to be good for the two foodies.

Well once we were in the cozy first floor of the restaurant we settled in a corner. Shalaka filled me in on the Dec lunch out with classmates slowly moving towards family and kids. We exchanged notes, I got a lot of good advice from her.

We instructed the hotel staff to give us time and not to disturb us. So while we munched on the Khimchi and the salads we ordered the soups. Sweetcorn for her and hot and sour for me. I was so excited that it was after a long time food was not the focus for me that evening. I barely had 1/4 of the soup. Shalaka loves Crackling Spinach and so do I. As the plate was brought I loved the little pastry basket filled with the crumbled deep fried spinach speckled with white sesame seeds. It was superlative. You have never tasted spinach tasting so good. The sweet, salty spinach crumbling in the mouth is a must at Mainland China. The main course was American Chopsuey. The balanced flavors sweet, tangy, saucy with fried noodles was enjoyed with loads of veggies in it.

Lastly it was time for dessert, she is not a dessert person I found out. Yet she made sure I had my favorite Fried honey noodles with almond flakes accompanied with vanilla icecream.

As we wiped off our dessert got a call from home. I looked at the watch it was 11 pm. Saw her off at the hotel wished good night and warned her from staying on the net too long. It was late already and returned home at around 12pm. It was a first since I came to Blr.

As always the service was good at the restaurant. The staff is courteous yet non interfering.

The restaurant had low lights and I was not carrying my digicam so avoided taking pictures of the food on the cell. May be another time. Yes but for memories sake we took pictures of both of us under the streetlights to share our excitement with our friends.


  1. Hey, Mainland China is my favorite too!!! A real authentic chinese food. We frequently go to 100ft Indira nagar's Mainland China.

  2. looks like u had lots of fun..miss my friends

  3. Good thing about them is the food is std in all locations Khaugiri though I like the decor more in Saki Naka.

    Trendsetters...go catch up with them, it will do you lot of good:)


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