Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dahyatla Sabudana

I know this is late, yet there are so many Upvas that are going to come up. There is a chance for you to make this then. Simple, needs a little resting but results are delicious.

When you taste this you will wonder how the curd rice and curd sabudana can taste so different. After all it is curd! you'd say. Now don't jump to conclusions just give it a try. Eh, but this one needs a bit of planning and cannot be had like you have curd rice with generous amount of sugar. There is a procedure you got to follow. Well well get going with the recipe, I tell myself.


1/2 cup sabudana/ tapioca pearls
3/4 cup sugar (or to taste)
3 cups curd
2-3 cardamom pods

First in a wok dry roast the tapioca pearls. This should be done on a low flame till they get a tinge of pink. Put off heat and while still warm go to the next step.

Then make butter milk with one cup curd enough to cover the roasted tapioca. Let is soak for atleast 4 hrs.

Test the tapioca pearls. They should look plum and feel soft and should be mashable between the fingers, only then they are ready to eat.

Crush the cardamoms to coarse powder and stir into the creamy curd soaked sabudana. Now if you need a slurpy treat have it immediately after mixing the saved 2 cups of curd.

If you need a creamy cake add the remaining 2 cups of curd and let it soak for another couple of hours.

I love both consistencies. That is traditional type. If you are the type who likes to add some more glamor to any dish then sprinkle chopped nuts or mix in cubed fruits. The blogging thing makes me add a slice of strawberry in my vaTi of Dahyatla sabudana just for some color, you know how white looks dull in pictures.

For a savory version. Skip the sugar and make the seasoning like Curd Rice Bangalore Style

Then you will ask with that much fanfare you see here Dahyatla sabudana and round Sabudana Vada too! Did we fast? NO!!!!! We just had it for dinner on Shivaratri :)

Fasting for Maharashtrians is all about tasty food, deep fried goodies and satisfying the sweet tooth. Not for nothing we have a saying "Adhi potoba mag Vithoba". It means first worship the Stomach Lord then the God Vithoba residing in Pandharpur!


  1. Thats a funny post...nice n easy recipe

  2. Hey Anjali,

    Does the sabudana not require any cooking? Will it give out a raw taste?


  3. Seema we are roasting the sabudana a bit and that kind takes care of the raw taste. Only after it is slightly roasted we soak it in buttermilk.

  4. Thanks Anjali! Will try it out soon!



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