Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eureka Forbes is a Fraud Company

Its been 6 months since the water filter was installed. It is a backup facility I had just incase I don't have CMC supply. 

For a while I have been getting a call for free service. I have told them its a new unit and I don't need it. However this time the service manager informed that they needed to have a look at the unit. So I told him to send a technician on the weekend so I can be at home. 

I was wary of letting this young boy in as he did not have an ID. He suggested I call up the verification service and then let him service the unit. I was in doubt so I did and they confirmed that he was their techinician. 

On opening the filter he was shocked that all the while we have had a filter without the basic filter candle and the carbon filter was of a different model. This installation was done in front of my eyes. He told that this was a case of theft by the person who installed! He then offered to install a filter candle for no cost but asked me to pay him 50Rs. for commuting back to the stores and getting me one. He suggested I continue using the carbon filter though it is of a different model. I asked him what was the cost of the two filters. He said 350 for the carbon filter and 305 for the candle. For a paltry sum of Rs. 655 the installation technician had done this theft! For me the real fraud is Eureka Forbes for not having credible people doing the installation and service. They have good products but bad service I have found out on the internet. The very direct selling which is convenient for customer is becoming a trap to cheat people.

I immediately told him to put back the unit. Took the helpline nos. from him and called them to register a complaint. They gave me a complaint redressal no. where such malpractices are reported. They gave me a Customer ID no. for all future references and a complaint no. 

I had to call again to remind them about sending me the missing components and a technician to fix it. They promised a person will reach me by 4pm. Going to wait and see what they do meanwhile planning what steps I need to take against them.

Some good guidance is available here at Consumer Court.

Update: 2/28/10, Mon, 4 pm

I am breathing easy now. After repeated calls on Sat and Sun. Two escalation and a threat to go to Consumer Court. They just fixed it! So now you know what to say when a big corp cheats you.

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