Monday, February 22, 2010

My Pao & Bhaaji

Once upon a Sunday, we ate this meal

Yes that is right My Pao Bhaaji because these Paos are homebaked!

These Paos are of half ata half maida, a successful experiment. Follow exactly The Mumbai Special Pao recipe but use 2 cups whole wheat flour and 2 cups All purpose flour. Also when you keep the yeast for frothing make a slurry of atta. This will aerate the dough better.

With Delhi carrots on the stands Gajar halwa was the best way to go. So desert was a creamy Lite Gajar Halwa!

I love these carrots and am making everything possible with them. They are in pulaos, matar gajar sabzi, saar etc.

Have I shared a Gajar Raita here? Not yet. Ok then I will soon. It's my Dad's creation, am thinking he might have eaten it somewhere, my guess is at Sunita Aatya's place. He generally hates acknowledging sources when the idea is too good ;) !


  1. Oh man, you are on a roll!! It looks super delicious as ever!! Will try the bread soon..

  2. Sonia, it's one of those phases :);)!

  3. Your home made pao looks nice perfect.

  4. Perfect Pao Anjali.....Will try this surely. One ore recipe of Gajar..'Gajarachi kheer' checkout in Khaugiri:)


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