Thursday, February 04, 2010

Crackling Spinach

Crackling Spinach is a spunky name for a dish I thought the first time I spotted it on the menu of Mainland China. Then when I ordered it I was impressed that the spunk did not end just at the name. It was a spectacular taste for a simple preparation of spinach if you consider deep frying as a simple technique in culinary science and how only a few ingredients can make a recipe so exciting.

When I was narrating to Sulekha about it, she gasped, "Deep fried!" Come on give me a break. We all love deep fried stuff once in a while. Good friend Sulekha will forgive me for making it the second time round however this time for Dad that too within a week!

I know am tempting you too much. So get ready to make it with me.

You will need...


spinach leaves
(1 bowl fried spinach)
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
Oil to fry

First wash and drain spinach on a mesh.

Pat dry the leaves. Tear them up into small bits. In a mesh/ strainer fry them in hot oil. It should turn the leaves crisp. Test the degree of crispness by removing some on a paper and try to crumble, if you are able to then that's right, if not they fry a little more. This will save from the trouble of collecting the fried spinach and also will fry it evenly. Drain it on a mesh. Then transfer it onto an absorbent paper or kitchen napkin to remove as much as oil as possible.

Now in a non stick pan toast the sesame seeds till aromatic. Add the fried spinach to it and toss. Now add the sugar and salt and toss again to homogenize the taste.

I would recommend the use of powdered sugar. Next time I will use it. It is easier to sprinkle it and mix it. Also powder sugar will mask the oily spinach.

At Mainland China they serve it in a fried pastry basket but I served it in small Chinese bowls. Also I did not crumble the fried spinach leaves, that's what they do at the restaurant. Yes presentation is key to success but I guess I still need more perfection in draining all the oil first. The tip of using powder sugar is also what will help me in the future. Will update here when I do it but I am not making it so soon.

Give it a try. I think you will adore this one.

It is easy to make and will be definite a hit at any party. This is a one helluva starter.


  1. Punjabis make deep fried Spinach leaf Pakoras, don't they? Tastes great with chaat masala.

    Spinch dish is cracklingly good, yum with Parathas.

  2. T I actually need better pictures here.

    Asha Oh those we Maharashtrians too make them especially during Shravan month fasting.

  3. Looks great...Never thought aftr u appreciated it in your last post, u would post the recipe! Thanks Anjali. And amma makes a deep fried similar stuff. U might know but whenever she makes ghee, during the last step she would add a bunch of drumstick leaves and wait till they get deep fried. When after filtering the ghee the residue milk solids along with the salt would stick to the deep fried leaves and what a divine treat it is ? If you have n't tried it before and do it right away. U will be sold and might forget crackling spinach too ;)

  4. Hummm....that does sound interesting Nirmala.

  5. Anjali, a tag for you on my blog, if you wish to take it up.

  6. sounds DELICIOUS..seriously!!!


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