Sunday, February 13, 2011

Along Came The Yummy Mommies @ Kobe, Koramangala

 The yummy mommies @ Kobe, Koramangala 
freaked out on Baked beans veg sizzler, Veg Shashlick, 
Sizzling brownie, Caramel custard and Blueberry cheesecake!

"Even if it's just 2 of us we are going out to eat" I told Preeti. A plan is a plan. One such week-to-end afternoon we decided it will be a visit to Kobe @ Koramangala. Preeti invited our buddy Deepa to join and I was thrilled about this impromptu inclusion.

Kobe is quite close to the workplace exactly 7-8 mins drive. I had raved about Kobe in my post on my homemade sizzler and my seeking the Kobe sizzler everywhere else and not hitting the nail. How could I not go to Kobe @ Koramangala once I found out they were in town and so accessible from work.

Once reaching there and warning Deepa that the portions are good for 2, my order was my regular Veg Shashlick confirmed I told the ladies. So the other one was Deepa's choice of  Baked beans veg sizzler. The server took the orders and asked "just 2 sizzler." We assured him there would be orders for desserts later. 

They take the usual 15 mins to get the really sizzling plates loaded with a mish mash of many things. We had requested for both mashed potatoes as well as finger chips.

The Baked beans veg sizzler had roasted veggies, tomato, peas, cauliflower, baby corn, carrots and rice topped with sweet sour baked beans straight from the can. Yes and there was a small cutlet in there. We let it sit while he got the Veg Shashlick.

Meanwhile Preeti was narrating her experience there when she had visited with her husband. She had loved  the noodle sizzler and the fun she had with the stringy things. So she was keenly waiting to sample the choices we had placed orders for. Still too worried about being able to eat a whole sizzler and felt reassured of having company of good eaters like me!

The Veg Shashlick is served in style. The server comes to the table and like a magician presents it on the table almost with a bow or did I imagine that! Then he goes on to remove the skewers from the bed of veggies and rice. That's when the unfamiliar realize there is some tandoor goodies hidden underneath the pile. The sauce here is light soya. The standard finger chips, mashed potatoes and rice and specific to this sizzler are spinach, tandoori paneer tikka and a nice thick piece of grilled pineapple that not only wins your heart on sight but elevates the sizzler to a class of it's own. As in Bambaiya one would say, "It's the baap of  veg sizzlers."

The plates were bubbling furiously and for the fear of scalding our tongues we preferred to wag them instead of subjecting them to the taste of sizzler nirvana. It would have been an amazing sight for onlookers of three women attacking it and scrapping the bottoms to get the burnt to crispness mashed potatoes. 

After cleaning up the plates I was teasing Preeti if she wanted another sizzler. All three of us agreed to go for desserts, 3 desserts Deepa corrected! Well desserts were on our mind even before we placed the order for the sizzlers, the reason being the table mats have a menu for desserts printed on it. Smart people Kobe has. They occupy your mind with desserts when you actually came to eat a sizzler. I like it!

So, Preeti went for the sizzling brownie and she sniffed in the air, someone else was also enjoying it. Me swooned at the thought of a Blueberry cheesecake. Deepa after much pondering settled for the safe bet caramel custard. The sizzling brownie as the name suggests was a walnut brownie on a hot plate mounted with a large vanilla ice cream scoop with chocolate sauce generously poured over it. The sauce flowed down and caramelized on the sizzler plate creating an all pervasive chocolate aroma. The Blueberry cheesecake was slightly firmer than I like yet I enjoyed it as the blueberry compote on top gave it the juicy sweetness. The caramel custard was delicate and the portion was smaller compared to the other 2 desserts.

Now that I am done with raving about the food let me atleast mention the ambience. It is a formal seating, we sat near the glass facade as I love bright sunny views while eating in an air conditioned restaurant especially if they are off the main road. A peek of nature while lunching is good for the appetite, it only flares ;). This is a sizzler place and it has a smoky atmosphere as expected but just to titillate our taste buds and not so bad as to choke us. When you come to a sizzler place expect that.

Thanks to Kobe for opening up in Bangalore and bringing the familiar tastes of Mumbai to this city where I reside currently. I kinda swelled with pride as my friends enjoyed the eat out that I have been recommending for so long. Cheers!


  1. I love sizzlers, and really miss Kobe. Some of our happiest courtship dinners were spent there! The grilled pineapple is making me lick my lips.

  2. Oh that is a nice tit bit to know Saee!

  3. Wow! what a great description...and for a die-hard fan of sizzlers and the veg.shashlik, it was like being in heaven. Loved this post!

  4. Its been a while since I visited ur blog...and wow have I missed so many posts. I loved the way u have described our outing here!! u know the pic is looking even better than actual sizzler here.

  5. I know why you are saying it, coz the servings are dangerously huge!

  6. That looks like a lot of calories. Mind that weight girls!

    1. That comment is so clinical! I guessed you are a Doc. :)


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