Friday, February 04, 2011

Strawberry Lassi

I love fruit flavored lassi. There is a little shop on the Daman side of Vapi station that got me hooked to it. When you are on the field in the hot summer visiting customers and also trying to rush back home on the same day, the downer has to be a cool lassi. I was really fortunate Vijay bhau lived in Virar, many times I would hop off the train dead tired and stay over at his place.

Fruit lassi always reminds me of my adventures to Vapi. Read about it in this old post.

This one is with Strawberry. I just gave it a bit of my touch in the presentation. For those who are not familiar with a lassi here is how you make it with strawberry.


4-5 strawberries
1 cup thick curd
sugar as much as you like

First puree the strawberries with some sugar. Keep 1/4 of it aside.

Then blend together with curd and more sugar if you please to get a frothy lassi. Add water to make a consistency of your choice. I sometimes use 1/2 cup of water and add it while blending. 

Now to present it, first dip the rim of the glass in water. Dust the edges with sugar or dip the rim in sugar spread out in a plate. Carefully add some strawberry puree on the inside of the glass. Swirl it around to get a sash of strawberry coating on the glass. Then fill carefully with the blended strawberry lassi. The glass will show bands of red and pink and the sugar crystal clinging to the glass rim adds the glitter to the drink. Chill for an hour or more. Insert a straw and pass it into eagerly outstretched hands of your family or friends. Give them a spoon to scrape the strawberry puree off the sides of the glass as there is a chance of the stork's beak being stuck in the glass ;)

Here are my posts on other curd based drinks:

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  • Mango Lassi - the alphonso or hapoos is atleast once married to curd in this one
  • Piyush - The nutmeg adds subtle notes of aroma to this Maharashtrian favorite.


  1. Lassi's are my all time favorite..So rich and healthy..


  2. Woww feel like finishing that refreshing lassi..

  3. Love your classy way of layering the lassi- so fancy!

  4. Nupur I am flattered! Thanks!!

  5. Anjali, you have presented an outstanding combo of healthy curds with healthier fruits! Keep it up! Did you know that you can even make soups combining fruits and crunchy veggies? Yes, it’s true. Check it out at We all need to eat much healthier foods today and avoid fatty foods wherever and wherever possible. A yummy soup, a completely refreshing lassi: what more could one ask for?


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