Thursday, February 03, 2011

Paneer Bhari Palak Kachori

Paneer Bhari Palak Kachori tastes superb dipped in curd sprinkled with chili flakes

Well here I am back with the promise I made yesterday. We made Palak Puri now some people are just obsessed with the Palak paneer combo and they like it in any form I guess. So for those lovers of Palak paneer this is for you. Those not the lovers of Palak Paneer can still enjoy this if the creamy palak is what you detest. The Palak is safe and doing its job of green goodness in the dough and encasing the Paneer, allowing it to melt only in your mouth with every dainty bite. That is the essence of a stuffed Puri or Kachori, therefore the name Paneer Bhari Palak Kachori.

So here is what you do...


1 cup Paneer crumbled
1 cup ball of Palak dough like in Palak Paratha or Palak Puri

To put it together, pinch of small balls of dough and shape a basket out of it. Put some crumbled Paneer in it and seal the free ends. Roll into a ball and press between your palms to flatten it. Sprinkle some dry flour on the counter and roll out into 3-4  diameter shapes. Take care to work with a light hand so the paneer does not ooze out.

Deep fry the discs in hot oil. The hot oil ensure crispiness and retains very little oil. 

Serve this Paneer Bhari Palak Kachori hot with curd for accompaniment and sprinkle some chili flakes to add color to the already tasty dish. 


  1. Pretty tempting kachori,loving it..

  2. Oh my goodness that looks just so tasty!

  3. Priya and Nupur trust me if you love the palak paneer combo.

  4. Delicious and mouth watering Indian Snacks


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