Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Palak Puri

Palak Puri is simple deep friend dough made by incorporating spinach puree'. The Spinach is used to fortify the simple bread that can be enjoyed with just a pickle on the side or can be included in an elaborate Thali depending on the occasion.

I made these Palak puris from left over Palak mutter that I had on hand. However if you need a recipe for the dough you can use my Palak Paratha recipe. Now only thing to remember is a Puri dough is tighter than a Paratha dough. Yet if you think that cooking Palak into a curry will make the Puris tastier go another step back and make a Palak curry like this one, the Palak Rangili.

Once you have the dough. Pinch off small lemon sized balls and roll them out into discs. Fry the discs in hot oil. Hot oil ensure soft and puffy puris.

Come back tomorrow to see how the humble Palak Puri evolves to yet another recipe inspired by everyones favorite Palak Paneer. 


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