Wednesday, August 03, 2011

MyPlate Is A Good Plate

 Does your plate look like this? 
If not click on the logo to visit the site, there are lots of helpful tools.

The Maharashtrian Taat was a perfect balanced meal. When I started cooking snacks became breakfast and dinner too. I never bothered about planning a well balanced meal. That balanced meal was a privilege when Mom and Aunts cooked for the family. Last 15 odd years my week day cooking has never been a Taat with that much variety of food groups.

The USDA or the United States department of Agriculture has come up with message for the public which is a simple plate with colorful representation of a balanced meal and its portions. The brilliance of this logo is its simplicity and absence of a language for the message. Anyone who can see can understand what it conveys. 

I am happy to say my plate is exactly like this. I follow a intake of 1400 calories diet plan that is helping me move towards my ideal weight.


  1. oh yes I also dscovered this plate a couple of moths back. bengali meals are planned well on this idea but with less time we tend to prefer one pot meals. but after the birth of my son I try to balance out everything. but my biggest hardle is the sweet tooth. have gained a lot of weight due to excessive eating of bengal mishti. bad bad me.
    good luck with your goal Anjali.

  2. Anjali- I have been following ur post for few months now...its really good...
    All the best for your goal....keep smiling always... :):):)

  3. Hey Anjali

    wow you have been upto so much :) good to know that you are better now... will do teh catch-up with you soon . Lots of love

  4. Hey Gal!!!!!!! Where are you now and how have you been new Mom! Am so thrilled to see you here. How is the baby? Hope you are getting enuf rest and lot of help from family. Love you dear and missed you so much.

  5. We are big proponents of MyPlate! But we are also be proponents of portion control. We love the idea of MyPlate with a dash of portion control.

  6. Melanie without proportion control MyPlate would be a flop, isn't it? I too follow that. If you see their site they give perfect proportion sizes. For an avg american they recommend 1600 cal a day while for weight watcher 500 less. I follow a 1400 cal a day plan myself.


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