Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a birthday party at home.

The Menu

Pumpkin Shorba

Starters : 
Cheese Potato balls with mustard sauce and ketchup
Hummus and Potato chips

Mains :
Smörgåstårta, its a sandwich cake
Pasta in creamy tomato sauce

Mocktail :
Sparkling Strawberry float

Blueberry Tall Muffins

I came back from work and decided 2hrs was enough for me to prepare dinner but I was wrong it took me 3 hrs to make this menu and I had no time to set up the table, so you see some pictures were taken the next day in daylight. Each of this recipe will follow this post. We were just 6 people but this amount of food could have served 10, you don't want the food to fall short when it is a party

My family was so happy and my bros especially showed an appetite like never before. I was so thrilled with all the chatter and sedated smiles that I could not sleep till 2 am that night!

My friend Sangita, kept telling me not to make elaborate menus like these, as she is worried for my health but this is what makes me happy truly!


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