Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm simply exhausted

Friends I know you are not going to hear me panting but I am exhausted. I need a break to recoup from the work that generated after the long holidays. I see your eyebrows go up hols to get over hols...yep ....yep.

I have been one crazy baker last weekend and am certified as a pro by my friend a Chef who does continental . So now you know what I have been upto. I made Christmas cake long after New year's celebrations were over and let me take a deep breath ....I baked my first white bread after I read about it on Anita's A Mad Tea party.

The chef picked up the loaf tapped it a bit, plucked a morsel and smelt it, GOOD he said. He loved the cake too and did not believe it was eggless.

Now I am going to rest on my accolades only until the weekend....I am hooked to to follow.

Thanks Anita and Archana (Spicyana) for renewing my interest in baking.

Updated pictures on 11/01/07. Since I din't have a loaf tin I used a cake tray to bake the bread so it is not shaped like a sandwhich bread but it was yummy.


  1. I second that!I am tired too of baking!!Jan is mostly Indian month for me!:)) Enjoy and take a break.Come back renewed!

  2. Glad it came out well and got the Chef's approval as well!! On to the next a bit!


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