Monday, January 29, 2007

Goodies from Kerala

Hey Friends hope you all had great weekend. In India we had a long one it was 26th Jan the Republic day on last Friday. I took a chance to visit Kerala it was my second visit. A group of us went to an ashram in Kanhangad. In the collage you see here are the goodies our friends the Govindan family had got for us some time ago. The Banana wafers and Cashewnut Halwa were yummy. The same goodies were given to us as prasad while returning from the ashram. It was a wonderful time. We also went to the nearby Bekal fort where the Tuhi re~~ song from the movie Bombay was shot. We tried to figure out the angles they took for the shots as we sang Tuhi re in a chorus.
The pictures in the collage are from my first visit to Kerala Dec 2003. I love the God's own country and had made a scrap book on return. Also you see there some specimens of cardamom, all spice and tea leaves.
Wish I could share these yummies with you but you may oggle at them ;) if that helps!


  1. Ogling didn't help Anjali!Too yummy for me,so bye!:D Enjoy are lucky.

    Btw,I was surprised to see the Gajar Halwa in heart shape!I made the same last week with some variations from your's for an event with a Pancake heart mould!Great minds think alike,eh!
    I will post it later just in time for the event,is in the draft right now.:)

  2. Hey Anjali,that was really good sharing from you.

    I had many time that chips,i heard many saying the scenary are good at Kerela. I never went to Kerela,anyway got one very close friend.
    Have plan of visiting once in my life, lets see.Inbetween is that you in photo with white saree and red blouse...

  3. Asha you funny gal. I'm going to watch out for your version. I used a cookie mould for the shape.

    Usha you should. Kerala is a chill out. You guessed it. I even bought a mundu set that I haven't worn yet.


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