Friday, January 19, 2007

Koli Veg Taat (Thal Part III)

This is the vegetarian fare made by Aaji for me. In a Koli meal the carbohydrates components of the Thali are both rice and rice roti. The Pivli Dal is a standard protein component with a little coconut masala. The dry bhaajis are also sprinkled generously with fresh grated coconut.  Even the papad called Chavlachi Pheni is made from rice. So you see in a Koli meal rice rules and so does coconut for we are inhabitants of the coast.

Hummm....This post has to be posted today especially for my friends Vinaya, Sanket and others who might just stumble on the blog. I was talking to Vinaya long distance today and trying to catch up when she mentioned she had stumbled on a blog. It got her guessing this is not Anjali or is it really. Then some reference put things in perspective. Alright first thing from me this blog is not a in-the-closet one ;). Yet I do express my feelings a lot more here than when I talk. One thing I have to declare here for most of my close friends that I am still vegetarian and that I do not live a closet non-vegetarian life......hahaha....I see stuff being thrown at me. If youre Indian you know what I'm talking about.

Well they ask what is all the non-veg food doing out there on the blog? To answer that. Well I am documenting some part of my past through this blog that I know my next gen will not be able to I feel like a socio-historian....nah.... It did not start that way but you all know how I like to write.

Second thing. Wani kaka, my friend Sangeeta's Dad loves to read when I write to him. Many times some of you my dear friends have recieved huge mails with pictures of my visits to various places. You know I am a modern day gypsy at heart with the exception that I am not wild :);).

Thirdly M kaka you know how we get excited about food, travel and books. When it comes to innovation in the kitchen how we worship the great Dr. George Washington Carver. We laugh at our flop experiments in the kitchen...ahem here I would like to the director and me the technician....hehee.....Just wanted to have a log of it.

Again to all my friends I AM STILL A VEGETARIAN with a NON VEG PAST. Are these three reasons good enuf guys to write this blog???


  1. Great array of food!:))
    Comment from non-veg with a veg past!:D

  2. Hi Anjali! Great blog! Will be visiting often! Thanks for your comments on mine. g

  3. Hi Anjali,I just saw all d posts in ur blog.It was such a marvellous experience.U hve written about Thal, then koli area in Colaba.When ever I passed thro d koli area in cuffe parrade I saw those trawlers in d sea. After reading ur article d whole picture came fresh in my mind. Uwrite well.
    The only thing that puts me off is d fishy smell(Iam a total veg) when we pass these areas. Iam ready to tolerate this smell also b'coz I LOVE south Mumbai a lot. Colaba, causeway, Nariman point. Infact Ilove to watch d sea.Keep it up.

  4. Asha it takes of all types to make the world thats the beauty.....enjoy your did you make tea while the snow falls?

  5. G welcome !

    Archana cuffe parade was not like that when just Kolis inhabited it. My memories till I became 8yrs of going for eve walks with family down cuffe parade and gateway are non smelly ones. When I see my kiddo snaps. I cannot recognise the cuffe parade that is today. But that was a long time ago. South Mumbai is real Mumbai my lifes first 16 yrs there made me what I am. I miss the sea too much.

  6. Hi Anjali,
    While surfing for Bombay Pav recipe came across your website. I am not koli but I had one mawashi who is like mother to me and she is koli.Her motherly love was for me and my brother. And still miss the taste of the food she prepares. I tried some of your recipes. Can't explain They are just awsome and perfect. Specially koli recipes. Could you please post the recipe for the bombay pav. I have oven in my home where I can bake it.I tried many recipes but none turned out to be good one. Or else you can send to s_vibh@yahoo also. Abhari ahe.
    Thank you.

  7. Hey Anon (s_vibh) This is the first feedback I have got for my recipes and to say the least I am thrilled! I will post the Mumbai Pao recipe soon.

  8. i had a class mate who was a colleague and they were still in the fish business. Boy, their food was yum.


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