Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The first bowl with the yellow stuff is the Moramba. It literally means soaked mango. It validates the name by its taste too. Moramba is the Indian mango jam. It goes as an accompaniment with spicy eats or is eaten as is on fasting days. Very easy to make and children love it too.


1 kg Rajapuri Mangoes
1 kg granular sugar
1-2 teaspoons cardamom powder

Just like we did for the chunda grate the mango. In a heavy bottom vessel mix the sugar and mango shreds. Place on the heat and cook till you get a sticky jam like consistency. Keep stiring all the while. It takes couple of hours to cook it to the jam like consistency. I normally do not cook it at one go. I keep stirring and cooking for 1/2 hr put off the gas for a while take a break then again cook for half hour. I keep doing this till completely cooked. Stirring continously for 2hrs may end up giving you a frozen shoulder so take a break. Cool for a day when done. The next day mix in the cardamom powder and store in a jar. The yellow color is natural and it looks yummy.

So now you know the difference between a chunda and moramba. I am partial to the Chunda though as the sun does a trick that heat cannot do to the same ingredients.


  1. Good and nice receipe from you again.

    By the way check my blog, you have been tagged.

  2. Thanks Usha for the tag I'm in the circle :).


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