Friday, January 26, 2007

Gajar Halwa

I got the lead for the Republic Day event from Usha of Samayal Ulagam. Thanks Pooja for hosting. I am posting this one a day before. Though a very tired recipe but loved by all. After all Bollywood made it the great Ma's dish.

My heart for my India, I Love my India.


1 kg carrots (grated)
1/4 khava
1/2 kg sugar
4 tablespoon ghee
1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder.
pistachio to decorate.

Heat the ghee in a vessel fry the khoya till it crumbles. Fry the carrots till dry. Add in the sugar. Reduce the mix till the halwa leaves the sides of the vessel. Garnish with crushed Pistachio nuts.
I'm in a rush and have to go. Sorry for the hurried post.


  1. Hi Anjali( I just love this name :) ) ,
    Thanks for participating with Rday theme with this delicious heart shaped Gajar Halwa.
    I am glad to recieve it.
    this looks yummy !
    Also this led me to visit your wonderful blog :) . I will keep visiting here for more nice recipes.

  2. Beautiful Anjali!Great entry girl.A classic dish in heart shape.
    I will post mine today in Aroma.

  3. Great recipe! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. HI Anjali,

    Really a great entry for Pooja's Republicevent....i loved the receipe ,shape and your spirit inspite of your busy schedule...

  5. Looks very beautiful, Nice photography

  6. Hi Anjali, oh boy, i got so much to say to you. Stumbled on ur blog while searching for a prawn recipe. And i got so involved moving around ur blog that i completely forgot bout prawns. Alright, let me tell u something. Somewhere on ur blog i read how people do not believe u when u say ur a vegetarian. Girl, i know EXACTLY what u must feel. I am a punjabi, and when i tell people i have never, ever eaten non-veg...i get a big "get out of here". No one believes me. Anyhow, love ur gajar halwa recipe. Mine is a bit diff. used to hate gajar halwa till i started making it with milk n all. So, love ur blog, i'll be returning for sure. oh yes, brilliant detail on the chavlachi roti instructions. Keep is up. byee. case u wondering why i was looking for a prawn recipe, its a long story :)

  7. Hey guys thanks for all the kind words.I'm goin to check out all your blogs in bit.


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