Monday, March 05, 2007

BOO To Yahoo

We have been Yahoo users for more than a decade. It has helped us to build relationships with loved ones across the oceans. We Indians have travelled the world and and settled down all over the globe. Yahoo facilitated close communication for all.

We really feel let down that our loved Yahoo has choosen to lift content and tried to pass if off as their own.

See and Read what Suryagayathri has to say and Inji Penu gal you are the real girl to first voice it!

Yahoo there was a time when we supported you when a bigger giant copied your messenger to the hilt. Yet we knew you were the original then! It is really sad that you are following the same path.

As always we will support only the Original.

BOO Yahoo BOO~~

Go do something really great to show you are better than just being Content lifters!


updated: 6th Mar 07

They came to watch us protest!

Appologise Yahoo thats the least we expect.

Suryagayathri we support you.


  1. Great message: Yes, supporting the original is what it is all about! Yahoo has done so much good, I too feel sad that they chose to steal.

  2. Thanks for your comment on our blog. At least if we can't get them to change their ways we can shame them. right? Keep up the good work.


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