Monday, March 26, 2007

Mumbai Bangalore Musings

Hi Friends

My colleague played a prank on me on the day I left for Mumbai. I took a screen shot of it and played it on you guys. Some smarties got it, the sweet ones showed concern.Thank you all who enquired about me.

Well I was away with family and though I was reading your comments I was just not able to reply. But I did as soon as I reached Blr. It was a busy and fun filled week.

Here I am sharing some pictures of the two cities I keep shuttling between Amchi Mumbai and Namma Bengaluru. I love them both for different reasons. Blr is my current Karmabhoomi it has helped me be a little more chilled out. The weather is beautiful except for 2 hot months and ofcourse I appreciate it more after returning from the sweltering hot Mumbai. Yet wherever I wander wherever I roam Mumbai will remain my sweet home.

My kitchen in Mumbai is like any other modern Indian kitchen yet I love this utensil stand the most. It is so tacky yet. You also see my faithful Sumeet mixer and Philips OTG. I'm using it for dog's years now.

This is where we have enjoyed our conversations with many interesting people who visit us. Hrushi having his cuppa. The table is a six seater and if fully occupied when I am serving the guest I like to sit and listen to the conversation on the swing near the window in the same room.

This is my neighborhood in blr quite different from the Mumbai one. Its greener and less of vanity. Thats what I like about it.


  1. Hey Anjali,
    Glad it was all a joke :-)
    Your bangalore pictures are making me so nostalgic!
    You're right home is home no matter where u go!

  2. I thought my kitchen was bad but after seeing yours, I feel much better about mine!!

  3. Anon thanks fo visiting here. It serves my purpose of making you feel happy about your kitchen. People like you will be unsatisfied with whatever you have and will feel better only by comparing yourselves with people like me.

    Just to add a good cook does not need a good kitchen. My Kitchen is my place of pride and place where I have created some sumptitous meals. Fed friends and family and have seen wonderful smiles on their face. Can you say the same?

    Do keep visiting once in a while I like to hear the truth else my friends always pool me with good comments. You are valuable.

  4. You go girl!! anon sure deserves it.


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