Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Koli Vesh (Thal Part V)

Koli Vesh or What the Kolis wear.

Here you see my Aaji wearing the navari saree. It is a nine yard long cloth that is draped in this special style called Kashti and the blouse called choli. The piping on the Choli tells the status of the woman whether single or married. That is how the women dress.
The men wear a Rumal or Nangota. It is a huge scarf tied like a G forming a triangle in the front with a shirt on top.


  1. Hey nice Photos ! i think the sheer variety of ways in which a saree is worn in India is astounding and can fill up a whole book.

    And there is something about your aaji - i dont know what - that i just love right from her first photo you posted - i think she is one happening girl i will instantly bond with :D

  2. Vinaya Sure thats true there are so many drapes for sarees.

    Aaji is one cool old lady. I told her about this blog and she just said "Bara kelas!" I think she was shy inside. I plan to visit her again and show her the blog as she has not seen it. Also planning to take homemade wine for her from Archana's blog to shock her else thats something that she wld never get from me. But blogging has changed many things for me and the way I think.

  3. Your aaji is too cute. I like that idea of the piping on the blouse.Do married women wear mangalsutra or sindoor ?

    We had been to visit the "Amish" countryside here and they too had they had distinct dress codes for single & married

  4. Oh wow! I loved to read stuff like this. So What kind of piping fo married woman wear?

  5. Sandeepa yeah the Amish have maitained teir age old life style. No electricity, carriages etc.

    I will update photos of married women when I am able to get them with all their glory.

    Inji piping is for the married.

    Keep watching I am planning some surprises.

  6. I think you are going to a Koli wedding !!! That would be exciting

  7. Sandeepa I wish I were. Thats not planned but if there is one in the village then you will see it here. I'm longing now.

  8. Anjali, these are great pictures! I would love to meet your Aaji one day! I hope I get do!

  9. I'd love to take you around Thal and all my people. Aaji too wld be thrilled. She loves to stuff people with food. You will get a treat if you do!

  10. Wow I didn't know that the piping on the blouse had that much significance....love these little bits of culture you share with us...keep it coming


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