Friday, March 02, 2007


Soaking in the sugar syrup.

Badam milk soaked divinity


This is the fake one

updated : 28th Mar 07

See the difference for yourselves. I made Malpuas for holi and served with badam milk instead of the usual rabdi for a less guilt. Dad approved too! This one is a must try. Here is the recipe.


Untill the whole world became weight watchers Malpua was still the most loved breakfast in large parts of India especially the north.

In Colaba there was a eatery run by a Kamat but no it was not the Udipi type. It served every thing a true Mumbaiite loved in the old days every thing from puri bhaaji, samosa, lassi, malpua, usal pao, khaja, shira, sweet boondi and papadi. The menu must have been really good though I don't remember the tastes. Yet I vividly remember it used to be flocked by Koli men every morning when they returned from the sea. You would find the eatery bustling with the waiter and men fresh after the bath with well oiled hair styled with a puff that sat on the forehead just like their favorite Dev Anand. It was fashionable among them to be at the Kamat to have the morning's breakfast and boasting about their catch of the fishing kind at the sea on the previous night.

As a kid I loved to go there with our staff. They would order, "A chote Malpua for the baby and kadak chai with shira for us." It was fascinating to see the pot bellied cook dipping a lota in the huge kadhai of milk and pouring it from a height as the milk foamed. Nearby he would fry the Malpuas.

One Sunday morning as I woke up and as I was pondering on what to make for breakfast I decided why not Malpua. This blogging things is bringing back so many memories that I almost feel like an old haggard woman narrating to her grandkids about her hay days. We would tease Mom, Dad, Uncles, their friends when they would begin as in our days etc. all kids looking at each other and winking to say there they go. I don't want it to be like that but yet I'm going the same way.

Well I did make them. Did not like what I made. I did not follow any recipe at the time just made from the faint memory of the taste and they tasted like sweet pancakes instead of Malpua. But I did find the real thing when I googled here. Will try it soon.

Meanwhile see my fake Malpuas. I promise to post the pictures of the real thing after I try them out. If they don't taste good will look for another recipe to try. Kamat does not exsist anymore as the dinosaurs age has gone by so can't even go to ask them for the authentic yummy Malpuas they made.

Well Gopi Atya atleast buy me a pudi of shev boondi from Kailash. I'm visiting Mumbai soon and coming to meet you too! Lots of Kisses.

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