Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hrushichi Bhaaji

This is a simple stew made on the Hrushi Panchami day thus the name Hrushichi bhaaji.

In Thal on the Hrushi Panchami day women folk confluenced at our home. They would begin by collecting the contributions from each lady. Then they would go to the bazaar to buy the greens and coconut.

On this day they ate grains and greens cultivated by man only these pure foods are called Painu. They do not accept food if a bull was used during cultivation. If you read the story linked here you will know why they also did not see the face of a dog especially a black one. These were the traditions in the old days, the modern day Indian does not follow it anymore.

The women then go to the sea take a dip and do a pooja on the shore while still wet. Then they return to our home for more pooja and feasting on food. On the way they almost close their eyes and tell kids to watch out for a dog so that they do not spot it. Some naughty kids would purposely get a dog in their path. If the women did lay their eyes on the swine then they have to go back to the sea for cleansing and repeat the ritual.

The most memorable Hrushi Panchami was when my cuz Hrushikesh was one year old. In our joint family we the first five are daughters so as was the tradition in those days everyone except my family was worried about not having an heir. In my family we were quite thrilled the way we were. Yet these women folk prayed that my family be blessed with a son since we were the Patils(head) of the village. What coincedence along came the son the next year. So it was celebration time. With lot of Dhols / drums resounding in the sky. My petrified little cousin was seated on a dhol and was paraded in the village. Then the women did aarti for the baby boy. Ladoos were distributed to all. We still tease him about the day. Come to think of it now I do feel the two boys added to our family later kind of balanced it in a lovely way.

Once at our home they would sing songs and cook this simple stew.

2 cups All types of green leafy vegetables more variety the better boiled along with its juices.
handful Fresh Grated coconut
1 tablespoon tamarind juice
2 teaspoon molasses
Combine all the greens and chop. Put them in a huge vessel and heat. You will see the juices releasing from the greens. This stew is to be cooked in just the juices no additional water needed. If you get about 2 cups of the cooked greens add grated coconut, 1 tablespoon tamarind juice and 2 teaspoon molasses. No salt is used for it is a fasting day food. However on any other day you can use salt to taste.
As you see in the picture version I used tomatoes and onions too and skipped coconut.
Due to its no oil simplicity, healthy contents and since it is eaten singly this one goes to my fave Slim N Trim section and as an entry to Nupur's One hot stove for the ABC..event


  1. wonderful dish. my entryfot 'H' is no unlike ours. wil post it tomorrow. bee

  2. Hi Anjali,
    Nice blog and some great recipes too. I am not very familiar with the Koli style of cooking. Will learn a lot from your blog.
    Is that your pic in the profile?

  3. I can't say that name but dish looks fabulous and very healthy too.Thanks M!:))

  4. Bee awaiting your post.

    Anon your just sweet. That pic is Mom's ;)

    Asha did you means M for million? I guess so.

  5. I just want to say how much I like your blog. It's great to see authentic Koli recipes!

  6. Deepa welcome here! Hope to keep you entertained.


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